References for Social Criticism Review
A "best site" for citizenship and politics. "Always thought provoking."
--BBC Education WebGuide

Best sociology site for schools.
--Guardian Education Netclass

Four-star education resource for economics, environmental studies and human rights.
--Blue Web'n

Weekly web pick. "Great but disturbing content on contentious social issues ...a treasure of papers to read and crank your brain out of any rut it may be in ...stuff heady enough to shake your belief that technology may be the cure for many of the ills of mankind."
--The Earth Times

"A wealth of great ideas on how to move on from the current economic thinking to new approaches."
--Friends of the Earth International

Link of the quarter.
--European Association for the Study of Science and Technology

"Terrific resource."
--International Jacques Ellul Society

"Exceptional commentary."
--Women's Action for New Directions

"An incredible treasure trove."

Hot Site.
--USA Today

"Reading material for those who wish to gain advanced knowledge skills in media and other social literacies."
--Virtual Alternative Media Project

"Wow. It's amazing, really, all the stuff you accumulated. I could teach twenty courses using the site as a sole syllabus. ...Great great work."
--Douglas Rushkoff

"Wonderful resource."
--Howard Rheingold

"Challenging website."
--Norman Solomon

--Mark Crispin Miller

"Delighted by all the gems you have assembled in one place! ...great deal of wonderful stuff."
--Scott London

"What a fascinating site! It'll take me a while to digest most of it, but thanks very much for introducing me to it, and for the honour of including a couple of my modest pieces."
--Julian Cribb

"Very impressed."
--Peter Phillips

"This is probably the best resource in one fell swope that I have seen for what I teach about the mass media and society."
--Ramona Rush

"Wonderful site!"
--Casey Walker

"Excellent stuff."
--Michael Kazin

"Very impressive."
--Alan Brinkley

"A terrific website! A very nice compilation of links to important books and articles. I'm flattered to be included."
--David Bollier

"What a wonderful and thorough bibliography."
--Lawrence Mitchell

"It's great!"
--Thom Hartmann

--Jan Edwards

"I like the site."
--Michael Ratner

"A fabulous website."
--Tim Kasser

"Very useful."
--Bill Bigelow

--Eveline Lubbers

"Brilliant website."
--Alastair McIntosh

"Great collection."
--Nicholas Johnson

"Fantastic -- what a great compilation!"
--George Draffan

"Wow - This is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in how the world really works. ...I can't think of a better link to send a bright young high school student."
--Ted Nace

"Liked your site very much -- excellent selection of articles relevantly arranged."
--Benjamin Barber

"A great collection of articles. I think I will spend much of my spare time during the next month reading them."
--Charles Siegel

"Great collection."
--David Korten

"Very informative."
--Ashok Khosla

"Excellent resource, a very useful collection of links nicely organized and presented."
--Al Teich

"It's fabulous! ...I will be reading within its pages for months to come."
--Langdon Winner

"I will be spending a lot of time there. invaluable resource."
--Bonnie Nardi

"Absolutely wonderful site! Provocative, articulate, comprehensive. Am honored to be included."
--David Kubiak

"Remarkable ...stimulating ...stunning."
--Stephen Talbott

"This is an astonishing website with a vast compilation of interesting material."
--Michael Zimmerman

"Good site with lots of excellent articles."
--Paul Loeb

"An impressive collection of documents! I will bring it to the attention of my students and colleagues."
--Wiebe Bijker

"Such a wealth of essays! I feel honoured to be included."
--Wolfgang Sachs

"It is just superb, and precisely what the world needs--and the Internet provides: a global linkage to the critical literature, and a means for the progressive community to interact beyond borders. Bravo!"
--Richard Behan

"What a terrific web site. ...I'm delighted to be part of such a progressive enterprise."
--James Morone

"It is invaluable: just what we all need when both events and criticism of them are developing so quickly."
--Peter Dale Scott

"It's an amazing resource, justly praised by some of the most eminent social critics and theorists."
--Albert Borgmann

"A very interesting website."
--Sidney Blumenthal

"Very interesting!"
--William Rouse

"A superb source of inspirational writing."
--Mary-Wynne Ashford

Librarians' Index to the Internet directory for social problems

Social Science Information Gateway resource guide for social ethics and social change, including technology and society

Scout Report for Social Sciences

BUBL LINK social sciences: general resource

Julian Dierkes' Sociology Links at Princeton


Infomine social history, problems, and reform

Global Policy Forum international affairs/policy

World Policy Institute

Political Studies Association political science

Choice political science and government

Academic Info political science library; news

Political Resources international media

Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources political thought

Miller Center the presidency toward the 21st century

Open Directory society: activism: resources alternative media US

Global Exchange resource for building the alternative global economy

World Wide Web Virtual Library sustainable development

Library of Congress Learning Page technology

New York Library Association social responsibility resource

Scientists for Global Responsibility

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology

ASME Technology & Society Division

American Library Association's Social Responsibilities Round Table alternative resource on the "war against terrorism"